Music Lessons
Primarily I teach guitar and saxophone, but the first lesson is a two hour lesson applicable to any instrument. It is an overview of the architecture of music. If you are a beginning to mid-level musician who:

  • Knows a few chords but perhaps not what they are named
  • Knows the chord and note names but not how they work
  • Does not know how chords and scales are structured or relate to each other
  • Have reached a plateau in their learning because of these things
  • Are a big picture thinker, someone who needs to see the whole to understand the parts

Then this approach can do wonders for you!

There literally is no limit when drive is combined with focus, ear training, methodology, and a simple understanding of structure.

What You Will Learn
What I offer is a road map based on equal parts:

  • Music theory simply explained. (The basic structure of music.)
  • Ear Training. (Learning to hear the notes in your head and find them quickly on your instrument.)
  • Technique. (Specific fingerings of chords, scales, etc.)
  • Fun stuff! (Riffs, tricks, songs you want to learn, etc.)

What I do not offer is sight reading instruction. Reading written notation off the page is a fantastic skill, but being dyslexic, I found ear training to be more productive for me personally. I can, however, show you what the notation means and to get you started.

As with any instruction, I encourage you to try a few teachers to find the teaching style(s) that you resonate most with.

Because the first lesson is applicable to any instrument and an excellent supplement to other styles of instruction, I sometimes do a short seminar (the same lesson, but in a small group rather then individually) to reduce the cost per person. If you're interested, contact me and I will let you know when there are enough interested people.

Music lessons are $30 per hour, $55 for two hours.

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