VJ Synesthesia / "Rapscallion"
VJ: Live video manipulation to music. "Video Jockey"
Synesthesia: A blending of the senses. "Syn·es·the·sia"

New: I am changing my VJ Performance name to my "Playa Name", Rapscallion
Rapscallion: "One who is mischeviously playful." Synesthesia Studio will soon be changed as well.

New: VJ Gig at Portland Oregon's Decompression Event!
I will be performing at The Cerebral Circus, Porltand Oregon's 2016 decompression Saturday November 5th from 9pm to 2am, allong with a good friend and VJ by the name of Dreamer. This is one of the extremely rare instances I get to use my Burning Man footage. It's one of my favorite things to do. Picture the following but with Playa Footage...

Promo Video


Note: Burning Man footage not available for sale or showing outside Burning Man events.

VJ Pricing
Events are bid seporately. A general range might be $200-$1,000 per event but really there is no ceiling, depending on what you want. Variables include:

  • Duration of Event
  • Set Up Requirements
  • Number of Projectors
  • Example of the lower end: If I don't have to set up any projectors and it's a short event, the $200-300 range.
  • Some factors that can raise costs include: All night events, renting my projector, additional projector rental, and set up complexity.
  • VJ Synesthesia is a Synesthesia Studio, LLC service. If you need other Syneshtesia Studio, LLC services as well VJ services can be discounted as part of a package deal.

Synesthesia Studio
Other services offered:

It takes a long time to build up a portfolio, but it has been especially difficult for VJ work because most of the time my camera is used to capture live images for manipulation. Look for a VJ reel some time in June of 2010.

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